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A Kinzie Elementary 6th grader, Daniel, recently moved to the United States from Poland. Daniel only knew Polish and was experiencing difficulties interacting with peers and understanding the concepts his teachers were covering in class.

We paired him with Adam, Kennedy High School’s National Honors Society President who is proficient in Polish, and they began learning together since our first day at Kinzie Elementary. Adam describes tutoring Daniel as “... more than a one-on-one activity;  it’s an extended process. Being a tutor is like nurturing the minds of these students to help them grow and succeed as individuals.”

In only a few weeks, Daniel’s English skills have significantly improved under Adam’s guidance as Kinzie Assistant Principal expresses: “I was surprised at how much Daniel has improved. The first day of school he was shy and didn’t really talk to anyone but now I see him as much more confident. Thanks to Bridge Tutoring, Daniel has received the support he need to grow as a student at my school."