2016-2018 Board of Directors

Founding Board of Directors

Diego Pizano

Diego Pizano, Chief Executive Director and Founder, has a deep passion for helping students involved in K-8 education. Diego experienced many academic difficulties while in grammar school, so he started Bridge Tutoring in order to provide students with the support he needed when he was younger. Diego is currently a rising third-year at the University of Chicago and spends his free time making short-films with friends, tutoring grammar school children around the Chicago’s South Side, and playing friendly games of midnight soccer. Through Bridge Tutoring, Diego hopes to help as many students across the city realize their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Stefany Boyas

Stefany Boyas, Chief Operating Officer, strives to break the stigma that has been created around South-Side neighborhood schools. As a current third-year student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Stefany serves as the Academic Development Chair for the Society of Hispanic Engineers and is vice-president of the Ballet Folklorico Mitotiani at her institution. In her free time, Stefany enjoys building cardboard puzzles, tutors grammar school students in the Urbana area, and loves attending different types of cultural dance lessons. Through Bridge Tutoring, Stefany hopes to provide students with enough encouragement to make higher education look more like a reality than an unattainable goal.

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Caín Yépez

Caín Yépez, Chief Financial Officer, is driven to cultivate a positive change in his community by inspiring the next generation of leaders to achieve their dreams. He grew up in Chicago’s Garfield Ridge neighborhood where he was able to notice inequality in educational resources from a young age. Caín is a rising third-year student at Brown University and is a filmmaker in Brown Motion Pictures, which is the Ivy League’s largest student run film organization. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading philosophy, and learning about the latest business innovations. With his role in Bridge Tutoring, Caín hopes to transform the world into a better place through the power of education.

David González

David González, Chief Marketing Officer, was born and raised in Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood. He is currently a second-year at Harvard University and editor for a creative writing publication. Outside of the classroom, David partakes in theological study, writes poetry, and is a fully-skilled mason. Through the Bridge Tutoring Program, David hopes to provide younger minds with exposure to opportunities that they would not have considered otherwise; he understands the importance of guidance in the development of personality and intellect..