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We are looking for students interested in working with our organization. Do you like the idea of leading a non-profit organization revolutionizing Chicago neighborhoods?

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  1. Elementary and High School must be within a 10-minute walk from each other.

  2. High School must have high performing students that are motivated and capable of visiting the elementary school on a weekly basis to tutor (We typically partner with the High School's NHS, but it is not necessary).

  3. Elementary School must have space for tutors to meet with their tutees

  4. An adult must be available to supervise in the tutoring space

Think your school can make the cut? Send us information about your school and we will get back to you.

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The Bridge Tutoring Program depends heavily on the generosity of individuals who strive to see a change in the Chicago Public Schools community. We appreciate any contributions to our cause. Donations are used to purchase learning aids, snacks, and board games.

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